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Mary M.

"I suffer with chronic pain, depression, anxiety, PTSD and more. I had finally found cannabis as a medicine, but was really overwhelmed. There were so many new products and ways of medicating - it made my head spin! Dorothy & Natalie helped me find my footing. They made recommendations based on my symptoms that made my illnesses more manageable.


From their delicious sweets and savory treats (infused, of course), to their pain rubs, face cream and even toothpaste - they do it all! Wanna try your hand at making these delights yourself? They’ll teach you how! Great women, great energy - amazing medicine!



Maureen W.

"Dorothy, Natalie and Airmid have helped me so much! When I had kidney stones, they brought patches and cannabis infused cream directly to me. They've made some of the best infused food I've ever tasted. And they can make it as strong or as weak as you need. 

Their services run the complete gamut from candy, popcorn, appetizers, main meals, drinks-each one delicious and exactly what you need! They offer demonstrations of all the latest cannabis gadgets and paraphernalia. And they even offer up pieces for you to take home and try. They are the most complete cannabis One-Stop-Shop--my only complaint would be that I didn't hear about them sooner!!

Try Airmid-you will thank me later!!"

Dottie M.

“Airmid has two of the most talented chefs, Dorothy and Natalie, who have been making tasty treats, of all kinds, since cannabis became legal in Illinois.

I have been a customer of Airmid for years and have never been disappointed in any edible goodies that Dorothy and Natalie have prepared for me. They actually tailor the medication for you personally.

They go above and beyond to help people that are new to edibles, to understand how to take them, what lineage is good for the individual and they are very knowledgeable about cannabis in all forms.

You will not regret choosing Airmid to help ease your symptoms and be able to enjoy your life. Their compassion and concern for their customers/patients is a welcoming feeling and they treat you like family.

Don't hesitate to give Airmid a call for your cannabis medication.”

Andrea S.

"When it’s comes to a wealth of information, Dorothy & her assistants are your ultimate guru’s! I met Dorothy prior to Covid while taking one of her classes & we instantly connected! On life, on Medicinals, on tasty treats and massages!


Our passion for holistic health & care for our bodies has helped me and my husband with so many ailments. From questions and anxiety to pain management and decadent deserts! Airmid is your ultimate one stop shop!


A lifetime customer and friend here."

Susana P.

"The Airmid Outreach team has been the absolute best! They helped me build the confidence to finally launch my cannabis endeavor.


They have always been available for questions & guidance that I still have. But the women at Airmid are a gift to this universe!!"

Sarah S.

"At my house, we like to call Dorothy the fairy pot mother!


Truly, Dorothy's skills and knowledge regarding cannabis and other helpful herbs has given me my life back. I have lived with chronic pain for years and it largely meant I couldn't do all the normal young adult things, or even just normal things: walking my dogs, loading the dishwasher, traveling for work. Cannabis from Dorothy gave me the chance to go and do things I never could've done without it, even on heavy medications.


From acute anxiety to severe inflammation with no known cause, Airmid Outreach has been there to help me manage symptoms and get my life back no matter what's happening in my body."

Athena G.

"AirMid is truly run by caring, compassionate individuals who make patients their priority. They never run out of suggestions to try and alleviate complaints and they are not shy about customizing treatment! They are true herbalists who have an amazing knowledge of holistic remedies. AirMid takes their patient confidentiality quite seriously. I cannot say enough wonderful things about these women! Dorothy and Natalie have helped to change my life and my family’s life by customizing remedies that even my toddler can use. They always make me feel welcome at their table and their classes are chock full of both knowledge and take home goodies. I recommend AirMid to everyone!


AirMid Suppositories: I reached out to AirMid when the suppositories from the local dispensary became too costly and seemed to stop working. They took the time to learn and understand my condition, Pancolitis. They recommended a blend of High CBD/THC and encouraged me to report back on how they worked, if they needed to tweak their recipe at all. I later took a class through AirMid on how to make lotions and we covered suppository making, too. I now have the tools and knowledge to manage my IBD flares without steroids.


AirMid Pate De Fruit: These little bursts of joy are possibly my most favorite way to medicate through the day. I love the high quality ingredients that AirMid uses. You can really taste the difference. I also took a class on how to make these but they can be finnicky so I leave them to the experts, Natalie and Dorothy.


AirMid CBD Toothpaste: My dental hygienist compliments my teeth and my brushing every time I visit her chair. My secret is AirMid’s CBD toothpaste. I love the all natural ingredients and I love how fresh and clean it leaves my mouth. I even trust this toothpaste for my toddler! I’ve gotten my family hooked, I don’t think we’ll ever be able to go back to store bought again. This toothpaste whitens my teeth naturally while nurturing my gums.


AirMid Pain Patches: Possibly one of my all time favorite AirMid products, their pain patches can target isolated spots and provide relief for 8-12 hours. Pain patch making was the first AirMid class I ever took and was possibly one of the best investments of my time yet. I now make my own version for myself, my husband, and my grandmother. I’m so grateful to be able to provide pain relief. AirMid Pain Patches remain the best though, so I often purchase a few to keep in my arsenal.


AirMid Sleep Patches: Love, love, love the Sleep Patches! Grateful to AirMid for listening and creating a sleep patch!! These help me fall asleep, stay asleep longer, and also help to alleviate pain.


AirMid CBD Calm Patches: These magic patches came about as another customization request. They are amazing and perfect for day time use. I prefer them over my valium and try to never be without a spare patch in my purse.


AirMid Mushroom/Inflammation Patches: Another customization request, these Reishi patches really target deep inflammation! I love being able to use the medicines topically.


AirMid Microdosing Mushroom Capsules: I approached AirMid because I was curious about microdosing for migraines. I appreciated the variety of strains offered in their capsules and also appreciated the guidance they offered on how and when to use the capsules. These have been life changing. Highly recommended!!


AirMid Customized Eczema Lotion: I approached AirMid with a request to recreate another lotion that was being discontinued but was the only lotion to help my daughter’s severe eczema. I was overjoyed when Dorothy and Natalie rose to the occasion, now I no longer have to fear treating my toddler with heavy steroid creams. The love and care they have for their patients was most evident when they went to work creating this for my daughter. I will forever be indebted to them."


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