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Cannabis Meets Delicious


At Airmid, we encourage all individuals to take control of their health by using natural practices to maintain health and wellbeing. The founder, Dorothy Stiver, obtained her medical cannabis license for 7 qualifying conditions. She obtained her medical card within the first year of the program being launched in Illinois as an alternative to taking pharmaceutical medications. When going through this process, she saw a void within this community and that was guiding and educating individuals about their medicine. This led Dorothy to start Airmid in 2015 to help fill this void. Named after the Celtic goddess of Sacred Herbs and all things connected to the art of healing, the goal was set to teach as many individuals how to heal or maintain their health and wellbeing by using natural methods.

Being no stranger to chronic pain and everything that comes with being a chronically ill individual since the age of 8, Dorothy’s specialty is to offer extensive cannabis and CBD education. Her business partner, Natalie Lopez, joined Airmid in 2018. She is also a medical cannabis patient and she is as passionate about being a cannabis and CBD educator as Dorothy. They both have extensive knowledge of cannabis and CBD and how it can be applied. They do extensive research on cannabis and natural healing methods constantly so they can give the most accurate, up to date information. They created a community of individuals who are pro-cannabis and seek to benefit from natural methods.  Dorothy and Natalie are enthusiastic about giving back to their community. They mentor women who are likeminded and want to get into cannabis and natural education. We pride ourselves on being woman and minority owned and operated.

Our Services


Infusion Classes

We offer a wide variety of cooking, beverage or topical infusion classes where we teach you how to easily prepare and infuse your medicine into whichever medium you desire. Our comprehensive classes will teach you step by step you how to properly infuse the product of your choice the Airmid way. There is no skill set required, we teach everyone from beginner to advanced infusion techniques. Contact us today to set up the perfect infusion for you!


Education Classes

We offer educational classes on cannabis and CBD and how this knowledge can be utilized in your path of natural healing. Each class is individually customized to your particular requirements. Contact us today to see what class we can create for you!

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Consulting Services

This is for the individual who is looking for a cannabis concierge service. We will walk you through the process of how to consume cannabis and CBD, what to consume and why. We will assist you with strain recommendations for your particular needs. We will also teach you about the care and usage for various devices. Additionally, we can teach you how to formulate custom recipes for your specific requirements. Contact us to set this up!

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Event Services

We offer private event services, please contact us for details.

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Budtender Services

We offer private budtender services for private events or for personal use. We will explain strains, how to use devices and give recommendations based upon your individual needs.

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