Let us be your full service concierge through the world of medicinal marijuana. 


Application Process

Our experienced patient advocates will help guide you through the application process and  provide an opportunity to voice concerns or problems in a confidential setting.

In addition, our advocates will answer any and all questions about the “Illinois Compassionate Use of Cannabis Pilot Program” and their rights as registered patients, by providing the most up to date information pertaining to the law.

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Renewing Your Card

Patient registry identification cards are valid one year from the date issued. Patients are required to reapply to the program within 45 days of the expiration date. We will send our patient’s renewal notices every year and can handle our patient’s entire renewal application process.


Patient ID Card Replacement

If a registered patient or caregiver becomes aware of a theft, loss or destruction of his or her registry identification card they should contact us right away. We will contact the Department of Public Health to notify them of the loss and have you complete the state-required form. We will mail the form to the Department of Public Health the same day.

This service is FREE for our patients however the state does require a $25 application fee. A check or money order payable to: Illinois Department of Public Health will be required.


How will Cannabis Help?

Not sure if cannabis will change your life? We will educate you to ensure you fully understand how and why cannabis will positively effect your medical situation. Patients who understand the chemical make-up of marijuana, the different strains and ways to administer are patients who are the most successful in improving their situation.


Dispensing Guidance

Airmid Outreach understand that medicinal cannabis may be a first for many patients. Our advocates will help teach you the differences between strains, which ones will be best for your condition and why. Plus, we can also show you how to use each and every form and help determine which will produce the best results for you.