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Passionate About Natural Healing

Our mission is to offer support, guidance, and education about plant medicine to as many people as possible. We do this by providing concierge services to teach people about cannabis and develop a plan to use it that truly works for them. Our top priority is to help people get their lives back and build better ones going forward with the power of cannabis and other types of natural medicine.


Let us educate you on how cannabis and other natural products can help heal what ails you and find custom formulas that fit your life.

Cooking Classes and Events

From sweet treats to full meals, you're sure to find a class that piques your interest and expands your concept of edible cannabis.

Meal Prep and Consulting

Whether you need bulk ordering or are looking to incorporate cannabis into your daily meal plan, we can help make it happen.

Private Events and Catering

Looking to cater a party or host a private educational session with friends? Let Airmid take your event to the next level.

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